Notícias sobre o impacto de WT1190F com a Terra

Posted on outubro 28, 2015


Mysterious Space Object to Hit Earth November 13

Publicado em 25 de out de 2015

Scientists have worked out that WT1190F will plunge to Earth above the Indian Ocean on 13 November, making it one of the very few space objects whose impact can be accurately predicted.

Unidentified Space Object Labelled ‘WTF’ Is About To Crash Into Earth on November 13

Publicado em 25 de out de 2015

A rogue chunk of debris that orbited Earth far beyond the Moon is making a homecoming on November 13th, astronomers have concluded. WT1190F is one to two meters in length and probably hollow, but beyond that, we have no idea WTF the aptly-named space garbage is..Read Full Story :…


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