Blue Moon em 31 de julho

Posted on julho 28, 2015


Publicado em 24 de julho de 2015
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A segunda Lua cheia de Julho é ao virar da esquina. Segundo o folclore moderno, é uma “lua azul”.

Dê um passo para fora no por do sol no dia 31 de julho de olhar à leste, e ver qual a cor se apresenta.#NASA



AT COLOR WAS THE BLUE MOON? Last night, sky watchers around the world witnessed the second full Moon of July. According to modern folklore, it was a “Blue Moon.” So much for folklore. In most places, the rising Moon turned red:

Bill Metallinos sends this picture from Corfu, Greece. “The amber-colored Blue Moon rose behind the the Fortress of San Marco while little Constantina, my niece, waved hello to us with her mother and father,” he says.

Many people think Moons cannot turn blue. In fact, ash from volcanoes can do the trick. Volcanic aerosols of just the right size, about 1 micron in diameter, scatter all the red out of moonlight and turn the lunar disk blue.

More often, however, the Moon turns red. It happens for the same reason that sunsets are red. The everyday atmosphere is full of aerosols much smaller than the ones injected by volcanoes. These aerosols scatter blue light, while leaving the red behind.

A red Blue Moon? It may sound absurd, but that’s what Blue Moons are all about. Browse the realtime photo gallery for more examples:


No meu céu a lua foi de abóbora à vermelho ontem 31-07 por volta das 18, 19horas